Thursday, July 19, 2007

I knew this would happen...

When I started here there were three "technical" analysts serving 2 departments. Two of those analysts were in the other department and I was the lone analyst in my department (we share a common upper manager).

I don't remember if I posted about the other guy leaving a couple of months ago, but now the other one told me today that she is leaving. That leaves me hanging in the wind. I don't even have access to alter tables in their database or even execute stored procedures. And there's no guarantee the powers that be in IT will even give me those rights. They denied me before. They'll probably have to now though.

A few good things might come out of this.

  • I might actually get my butt in gear and actually start to send my resume out again
  • I will get access to a SQL Server and not have to use crappy Access for my projects.
  • I might actually get good projects to work on now. Especially if the upper manager moves me from my department to the other department.
  • The burden of submitting user request forms and fixing PCs and answering stupid questions like, "why is my cpu so slow?" or "can you set me up to print to that printer? it's closer to my cube" might cease.

We'll see. The best option is the first one anyway.

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