Monday, November 19, 2007

Fabulous Movie Review®

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
I hate it when Hollywood Better Than Yous attempt to preach in their movies. Adam Sandler is going to teach me how to accept people? Really?

Just make me laugh and spare me the Hollywood life lesson.

Anyway, I did laugh during this movie, but what got me the most was the large number of famous and semi-famous actors in it. Here's a list and the role that is most memorable to me:

Adam Sandler: Well, duh, Little Nicky. The greatest movie ever.

Kevin James: Fat guy on a TV show.

Jessica Biel: The only reason you ever watched 7th Heaven.

Dan Aykroyd: Yep.

Ving Rhames: Not entirely convincing as a gay guy in this film and his man-love for Adam Sandler in the extra features not very convincing either. I got the impression he was duped into this movie and was looking to kick some white ace.

Steve Buscemi: Weird creepy guy in this movie. Imagine that. While researching this post and thinking about Buscemi, off the top of my head I could remember four Adam Sandler movies he has been in, this one (duh), Wedding Singer, Big Daddy and Happy Gilmore.

Nicholas Turturro: Most famous in my mind for being a detective on NYPD Blue, one of my most favorite shows of all time.

Allen Covert: He's had a role in every Adam Sandler movie. Even Airheads, but curiously not Billy Madison.

Richard Chamberlain: 1960s heartthrob. Don't really know him, but I recognize the name.

Blake Clark: Every Adam Sandler movie. My favorite, the coach from Waterboy that you couldn't understand.

Lance Bass: NSYNC

Dave Matthews: Yes, that Dave Matthews

Gary Valentine: Dopey cousin on King of Queens

Jonathan Loughran: Another Sandler movie staple.

Peter Dante: Yet another guy on Sandler's permanent payroll.

Becky & Jessica O'Donohue: I couldn't remember where I had seen these twins before, but Google jogged my memory. They were on an episode of Fear Factor, and also American Idol. Jessica didn't make it to Hollywood but Becky was in the top 24. I remember when they were on American Idol I couldn't remember where I had seen them before. Thanks, Google.

Chandra West: I remember her from NYPD Blue.

Dennis Dugan: From Happy Gilmore, the president of the golf tour, or whatever the golf league is called.

Rob Schneider: Self-explanatory.

Thats it I'm done. Thanks for humoring me.

Gagknee's grade: C

No New Job Yet

I haven't heard back from the company for which I did my oral presentation and written exam yet. Not worried or anxious though. They took two weeks to call me after the phone interview.

I'm not the type to call after an interview. Don't want them to think I'm easy. Or desperate.

If they want me, then they want me and a little gluteolingus won't make a difference. Or maybe I am naive. They could be on the fence and have decided that the first person to call back gets the job.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fabulous Grilled Cheese Sandwiches®

Dude. Jarlsberg rocks. It might just be the best grilling cheese ever. It scores a 10 on the meltability scale. A nine on flavor. Amazing.

I'm not sure what cheese to try next. Maybe something in the blue family. Or something made from an animal other than cow.

Fabulous Movie Reviews®

I had never seen this, so I decided to see this. Halloween is a classic of sorts, launching a new genre of horror, or so I've heard. It's good. I liked it. Wasn't really scary, but I can appreciate it for what it was at the time it came out. There was almost no blood and gore, something that surprised me. Halloween 2 picks up right where this one left off, so I'll watch that next. After that, I won't bother with anything else in the Halloween series.

Gagknee's grade: B

Spiderman 3
A lot of people had a lot of disparaging remarks about this movie. I thought it was alright, better than most comic book movies I have seen, but not up to the quality of the first two Spiderman movies.

In this movie, MJ loses her job in a play because she is a lousy actress/singer. One can only hope that this happens to Kirsten Dunst in real life. Seriously, how did she get the part in these movies?

Gagknee's grade: C

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Results of the Written Test

The written test for this job that I'm hoping to get went well. I used the entire two hour period I was allotted. Although I am ashamed to admit that I used half of the time trying to figure out two riddles that they stuck at the end of the test.

One of the riddles I was able to get, the other I couldn't. The answer felt so close, but I couldn't quite get my mind to grasp it. Kinda like feeling around the back of your computer in the dark looking for a USB port.

I'd share what the riddles were but the few people that I did share them with figured them out faster than I answered the first question, "What is ASP.NET?", so I choose not to embarrass myself anymore.

I've never been good at riddles.

Most of the questions I aced, a few I fudged because I couldn't remember the specific method that I would use (that's what Google is for), so I made up something that sounded good, and I only flat out missed three of them. A web service question, but I had already told them I didn't have much experience. Same for the XML question. The third question, the difference between OLAP and OLTP, I still don't know even after Googling it when I got home.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So, Tell Me About Yourself

The time leading up to an interview always causes me shortness of breath and heart palpitations and the time afterwards is sweet, sweet relief.

I did well enough that they called me later in the day and asked me to come back Thursday for a written test.

Written test? Not to sound cocky, but it's always been the oral presentation that I've screwed up. The written part should be cake.

If ever a statement was going to make me eat my words, its that one.

Also, I think this was the first interview I have ever been to where I wasn't asked to name three of my best qualities. Man, do I hate that question. I was prepared to say, "Patient. Really patient. Super patient." Or something like that, just to get a laugh. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't try to "get laughs" during an interview. Something to think about anyway.

Oh yeah, and at my current job I had a conference call with a bunch of holier than thou IT people. Their leader sounded like Brendan Fraser. All I could think about was how underrated Blast from the Past was.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Job interview tomorrow.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fabulous Movie Reviews®

I've got a bunch so I am going to blow right through them.

The Benchwarmers
Mildly amusing tale of geeks versus jocks. I was impressed with Rob Schneider's ability to throw a ball and swing a bat like a real person and not like your typically Hollywood wuss, a Hollywuss. Jon Heder is funny too.

Gagknee's grade: C

Evan Almighty
Great movie to watch with the kids, the most offensive thing in it is bird poop. The ending involving the ark is pretty cool to watch also.

Gagknee's grade: C+

Knocked Up
Honestly, I don't know what the fuss is all about with this movie. Yeah, it's okay, but funniest movie ever? Hardly.

Gagknee's grade: B-

You've probably never heard of this movie. I hadn't until I accidentally clicked on a flash advertisement in some website I can't even remember. It looked interesting, so I added it to my Netflix queue. Definitely the most unique, good movie I have ever seen.

Gagknee's grade: B+

Whats that movie where the hero drove a Pinto?

Find it here: