Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fabulous Grilled Cheese Sandwiches®

I wanted to try something different this time, so after grabbing a wedge of sharp cheddar, I picked up a tiny hunk of blue stilton.

Let me just say that a high quality sharp cheddar makes a fine, fine sandwich. F.I.N.E. I loved it. Ninepointsomething on the Fabulous Grilled Cheese® scale.

Blue stilton, by itself, does NOT.

I opened the small package and was immediately floored by the smell of dairy barn. Not just manure, but the whole package. Manure, hay, pee, feed, farmers. If you've ever been in a dairy barn then you know what I am talking about.

That's all fine, though. I don't care about how something smells. I took a few bites of the pieces I was slicing up. OH. Man. It was good.

So, in addition to the five cheddar sandwiches I made, I also whipped up one with the blue stilton.

Ugh. About halfway through the sandwich I was overpowered by the taste. It was too much. I still have some, so I am going to mix it with a milder cheese. THAT, I think is key. We'll see.


wit said...

did you have any "bizarre dreams" after that sandwich?

gagknee said...

hahaha. its hard to tell. i have a lot of bizarre dreams. especially after watching the Sopranos.