Monday, December 15, 2008

Bring Out Your Dead

A plague of sorts swept through our house this past weekend. Starting Wednesday evening, my youngest son started things off by puking on the couch, then the rug and other various places on the floor, continued onto the bathroom floor, and finally made it to the bathroom sink, where I had to clean the chunks out by hand because they were too big to fit down the drain.

That night, or the wee hours of the morning actually, my daughter went through a similar event, but you can replace couch with bed and it was a different bathroom.

This happened several times during the night with both kids and I'm embarrassed to say my wife did most of the work cleaning up the mess.

I worked from home the next day to tend to the kids (and mop every floor in the house). We had a few repeat performances, but mostly they were just comatose on the couch all day. I considered myself very lucky to have escaped unharmed healthwise.

That evening a couple of friends and I went out for hot wings and fried pickles and around midnight I thought to myself, this might not be the best food to be eating when there is a pretty good chance I am going to be sick tomorrow. Oh well, I couldn't undo what I had already done.

Got home from that and one of my friends (Big A, if you are interested) and I crashed on separate couches around 3 am after watching Office Space.

Five AM hits, I wake up shivering like an addict, stand up and run to the kitchen sink. It was violent. And it wouldn't stop. And stupid me, I went in the sink that doesn't have the garbage disposal. Fifty/fifty chance, right?

Days later the muscles in my neck and shoulders are still store.

I went upstairs and collapsed in my bed, still shivering like an addict and didn't get up until 9 when I called in sick to work. (Sorry I didn't say good bye when you left, man). After which I curled up on the couch with my semi-comatose kids because going back up the stairs seemed really really hard.

My wife went to work and I thought I was hallucinating when I saw her walk passed the living room and up the stairs. It had gotten her too.

There was one of us left who hadn't been affected yet. My oldest son who was at school.

Ahh, yes, at 12:30 I found myself out on the road driving to the school to pick him up. My eyes hurt something fierce. An after effect of my body trying to expel them from my head along with the chicken and pickles.

So, there we all were in our own private bubonic plague. A little medieval Europe all of Friday and most of Saturday.


Big A said...

I cannot imagine anything worse to throw up than the fried pickles/hot wings combo.

Look at the bright side - at least you were spared the traditional punishment for too many late night hot wings.

Rob said...

The plague hit my house too. I got the shivers and shakes Saturday night. OBB got puking Sunday night. My stomach still feels queezy.

wit said...

a few years ago i picked up something that rendered me incapable of picking up a spoon to eat soup. eating just seemed like too much work. so i sat on the couch with like 4 blankets for 2 days.

Big A said...

I haven't had anything yet - do you think I'm safe?

cthaviland said...

Sounds bad....we had that happen one year at Christmas with 10 other relatives in the house....not enough buckets to go around.....miserable!

gagknee said...

big a - once i threw up tacos from taco bell. i couldn't eat there again for years. strangely though, i could go for some wings right now...

rob - sorry man...

wit - how is that different from a normal day for you?

cthaviland - nice... you could have had your guests sleep in bathtubs and kitchen counters for easy access to throw up approved receptacles.