Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things Which I Did Recently

I have a "vintage" popcorn holder/megaphone circa 1978 that I got at a Red Sox game when I was just a wee lad which I haven't had a good place to display in recent times, so I took the broken handle from something, cut it, screwed it to the wall of m'shed, and stuck the popcorn holder/megaphone on.

Also, I could never find my box of nitrile gloves, so I took some pipe hanger stuff and some scrap wood and made a space in the wall by the door for it.


pilgrimchick said...

I haven't seen those popcorn holders in ages--amazing throwback and creative design for display.

gagknee said...

its amazing that i've been able to hold on to it for 30 years and it hasn't gotten destroyed. some day i am going to have a place in the house. right beside my 1970s red sox hat piggy bank.