Friday, January 16, 2009


A person has spoken and I shall start posting more often. To recap the past few weeks...

I cooked a duck on Christmas. It was excellent, but the dollar to meat ratio was very high. Here's a picture of it right before I tossed it into the oven:

And the giblets and neck simmering on the stove:

Duck is fattier than chicken. When handling the raw bird compared to a chicken the skin felt thick. Kinda like what I imagine Wil Ferrell would feel like if I were to poke him in the chest. My kids have never seen me eat a heart before. I've been remiss...

I rode to New Hampshire with my in-laws:

And New Hampshire didn't disappoint...All my youngest son could say was, "It's snowing. That's awesome."

Met my two new nephews, of which I won't post any pictures because I didn't seek the expressed written consent of their parents.

And in my spare time I've begun acquiring speakers for a killer surround system to go along with the receiver I got for Christmas:

Capri-sun added for scale. Front speakers and a subwoofer coming soon.