Monday, January 12, 2009

This Is It

JimRice-744272 The last chance for Jim Rice to get voted into the Hall of Fame because it is his 15th and last year of eligibility. Yeah, I know the veteran's committee can vote him in, but they almost never vote anyone in.

The past few years I have lamented the fact that he has been denied entrance into the Hall, but this year I have changed my mind. I don't think he deserves it, and my sincere hope is that he does not receive enough votes in this, his final year on the ballot. The baseball writers know best because they are smart, articulate and truly care about baseball. They are the Guardians of our National Pastime. And they have a real flair for web design (caution: retinal damage may occur). Who are we to question Them?

Update: HE GOT IN! My pseudo-reverse psychology worked!


Nathan Gagne said...

He had interesting facial hair yesterday. A mustache on his top lip and a mustache on his bottom lip.


gagknee said...

thats pretty sweet. a doublestash indeed.

mike gagne said...

him and rickey henderson did the top ten list last night.

worth watching.

gagknee said...

sweet. thanks for the tip. i'll look for it online.

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