Friday, March 12, 2010

Skeletons in the Closet

You might remember that I had an issue with my tub faucet being too loose. Well, that's a whole 'nother story that I will save for later, but I've got a better and far more interesting story now. Although, its not really a story. More like a series of pictures with captions that attempt humor.

Last Saturday, I found myself with nothing to do since nothing had broken on the truck that week (I'm not that lucky this weekend), so I decided to take up a task that I had been neglecting for a while which is flushing my hot water tank and checking the elements. We have hard water which, while tasty and delicious, can also cause some problems. Anyway, I am a little scatterbrained, I've definitely go the whole absentminded-professor-minus-the-professor thing going on, and once the tank drained to a low enough level I took out the top element out (note to self: the next time you have to do this don't be a cheapskate and fore go forking out the 6 bucks for an element wrench. thanks. duly noted.) to inspect it, and yes, it was completely covered over with an oyster shell-like covering. No worries though. At ten bucks a pop its a cheap thing to fix.

The tank keeps draining and I turn on the cold water to get a little tsunami action in the tank to get all of the lime and shtuff out. Then I go outside and watch the hose. Then I forget to remember to go back inside. Then there is water pouring out of the element's hole all over the floor. Thank goodness I have a mega horsepower Sears Craftsman Shop-Vac.

Here's the pretty little water heater in its closet:

If you look in that picture you'll see my air handler, its responsible for shooting hot and, if my AC wasn't broken, cold air throughout the ducts in my house. Anyway, while water was an inch deep in the closet this floated out from behind the air handler:

Its a mouse skeleton on one of those sticky traps. Appears to be a full grown mouse and I have no idea how long its been there.

As part of the bath tub faucet fixing project, I decided to take off some of the paneling that is in that part of the house. There is drywall underneath it, but unfortunately the paneling adhesive makes the drywall pretty useless. Here's a portion of it:

So, I ripped it down and will replace it with brand new drywall. In the process of ripping it down I found these in here:

Ten baby mouse skeletons. Two of the skeletons are nearly complete. Is the mouse in the sticky trap their mother? Who knows?


Trish said...

Yahoo! The fact that there are 11 less mice in this world thrills me! (Ask L-dub about the damage that mice did to our pop-up last winter!)

gagknee said...

i wish that i could take credit for it

kaitlin said...

that is really really disgusting and disturbing. eww. i'm glad it wasn't in my house!

gagknee said...

hahaha. i wouldn't have found it if i hadn't decided to tear down some drywall on a whim.

Lillabilly said...

Ha-ha-ha-ewwwwww! This reminds me of the time in my former life (read, with the ex-husband) when we lost a butter knife in the gap which was between the flat end of the kitchen bench and the set of kitchen drawers which the former owners had tacked onto them. We realised that we could actually move the drawers to get our butter knife back but when we did we discovered a perfectly flat, petrified (that's dried, not extremely scared) mouse in between! It was very well preserved which upped the ick-factor immensely! I would have much preferred to discover a skeleton! ALSO, I recently went on a visit to our local museum with Miss T - in one of the speciman drawers was a flat, dried frog which apparently had been found between two sheets of roofing iron. It had a hole where it's belly would have been and you could see the remains of it's last meal - a (flat also) black beetle. AWESOME.

gagknee said...

thats awesome, lillabilly. did you save the mouse? any pictures of the frog?