Sunday, December 23, 2007

Home Improvement

Don't mind me just jotting down some of the home improvements I would like to do.

  1. Ceiling fans in upstairs bedrooms. Currently, no ceiling lights at all

  2. Exhaust fan in upstairs bathroom

  3. A back door. Preferably french doors

  4. Small deck and patio

  5. Heat pump/AC

  6. Chair rail in daughters room

  7. Paint youngest boys room

  8. Build a shed

  9. Paint kitchen ceiling

  10. Tiled backsplash in kitchen

  11. Paint living room. Add crown molding. Rope light behind crown molding

  12. Add overhead light to living room

  13. Wire living room for speakers

  14. Plant row of fast growing hedges on edge of property abutting the junk collector

  15. Landscape the front of the house

  16. Sandbox

  17. Insulate crawl space and replace crawl space door

  18. New storm doors on front and side doors

  19. Weatherstrip front and side doors

  20. Replace outlets and switches in living room, kitchen and family room

  21. Exhaust microwave to the outside

  22. Replace all interior doors (and doorknobs)

  23. Install rail fence along property line abutting the junk collector

  24. Plant more bushes along fence


Rob said...

Junk collectors never feel the love.

gagknee said...

fred sanfords neighbors probably had big hedges too.

dbageek said...

dude ... that's a pretty ambitious list.

we just organize our house - took 5 full van loads of stuff to the dump and rearranged 3 rooms. i feel like i live in a new house.

gagknee said...

I've got plenty of time.

when we moved we did the same thing. got rid of a lot of stuff.