Friday, December 07, 2007

Honda in the Living Room

I've been dreaming about getting a new stereo receiver and surround speakers. My old receiver died a while back and would only produce sound out of one channel. It lived a good life, but I am dying to get a new one. Unfortunately, certain economic realities prevent me from getting a new receiver right now, but it doesn't hurt to browse. Something just dawned on me while perusing the Best Buy website, how come Honda doesn't make receivers and speakers like Yamaha does? That would be sweet if they did.


Rob said...

Imagine if Honda made hamburgers and beer... Mmmmmm... red beer.

Kreblog said...

I haven't drooled over a Crutchfield catalog in a long time so I've been out of the loop on what is hot, but I will tell you this... I was cash challenged when I bought my last receiver so I bought one of those low end all-in-one Sony setups from Best Buy and it has been great. I don't rock out anymore anyway and the Dolby surround sound is great for TV.

Big A said...

Maybe if Honda diversified into Tubas, keyboards and speakers like Yamaha they would make crappy ATVs too.

No thanks. They should stick with what they are good at.

gagknee said...

ah, yeah, kreblog, i know exactly what you mean. any rocking out is done privately. with headphones.

i am strictly looking for home theatre. sony has a receiver that was going for 99 bucks on black friday but is back up to 175 now, still a good deal, but i think i am going to hold out.

good point, big a. stick to ATVs. and cars.

hey, how come yamaha doesn't make cars?