Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Whole Bunch of Crap Rolled into One Post

I know I won't get any sympathy from my northern friends but just when I thought spring had sprung the temperature here dropped a lot over the past 5 days:

The silver maples have started to come alive, always a good sign of spring springing:


I've been trying to figure out where to put the shed I plan on building soon. I marked it out with sticks and leaves and it's 12 x 16. Here's the view from the kitchen window:


And from the upstairs bathroom:


I might rotate it 45 degrees counter clockwise. Don't know yet. I'm sure you care. Not.

I completed #19 on my Home Improvement list and even added a new outlet to the upstairs bathroom. Call it a honey-do list and I'll kill you. My wife couldn't care less about changing outlets and building a shed. My legs are killing me from crawling around in and hoisting myself up into the attic. I should make an Andy Improvement list. Item #1: Get into shape. Item #2: Stop huffing.

I also started #7: Paint the youngest boy's room. Kid was excited. What 3 year old gets excited about having his room painted? Here's the before picture:

Aarons Room

Part of the deal is he gets a "big bed" when he is deemed "potty-trained." He's done well at it for the past few weeks, so pretty soon one of my two greatest parental dreams, no more diapers and self-bathing, will come true.

I managed to get one coat of paint on his walls Sunday afternoon, until my wife came home from a walk. A walk in which she got attacked by a dog. A doberweiler or a rottman. Actually, a rottweiler. I'm just making fun of her because she didn't know what it was. Perhaps I shouldn't make fun of her since she had to get 9 stitches and getting attacked is pretty traumatic. Item #3: Be more sensitive.

Dog Bite

Dog Bite

This was almost a month ago, but I built a cool layout with my son's GeoTrax:


I guess thats it for this bunch of crap. Hmm, it doesn't feel right if I don't complain about work.

Hmm. I hate writing stored procedures. Sorry, thats all I got.

There's a guy at work with the last name Loving. I'm dying to call him McLovin but since that movie came out last summer and I started here last Christmas, I'm sure that ship has sailed. Sad. I like to be on the cutting edge of nicknames. Not some washed up has been.


Rob said...
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Rob said...

Probably one of Michael Vick's dogs that traveled up from Surry.

stendy said...

i didn't know what kind of dog it was b/c it attacked me from behind thus lending me unable to see it. Immediatley following the bite, the dog's owner picked me up and brought me into his house--there again leaving me unable to get a visual on the beast.

Heidi said...

huffing? as in coolant in the can?

skape7 said...

How do you go from your wife being traumatised by a huge dog to goetrax from a month ago? I hope Stendy's feeling much better.

EssBee said...

Oh my goodness! A dog attack? That's terrible!

And, I'm, uhm, waiting to see the "after" on the paint job.

gagknee said...

yeah, heidi, duh.

because i only posted once that week, skape7. in the future direct your criticism at the people who comment here and there blogs. thanks.

the after? well the paint is all done. we're just having trouble finding a bed to call the project complete.