Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Hate Roger Clemens

Yeah, yeah, I know. If you ask my kids, "hate" is a bad word, but this is a blog, and I don't have to be pretend not to hate things.

Here's an article I just discovered, take it with a grain of salt.

My two other favorite anti-Clemens articles ever:

Rocket failure: I love it

Is Clemens the Anti-Christ

I've always considered printing those two articles out and framing them. I think it's time to get off my duff and do it.

Why am I so concerned with Clemens all of a sudden? No reason. It's just a very slow off season.


pilgrimchick said...

Roger Clemens is a moron, and what's sad about that is the whole "steroids" issue may have put him in the spotlight to remind us of his moronic tendencies longer than we would naturally have to endure.

Big A said...

I agree - those are possibly the best articles ever written about Clemens.