Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sound Surround

So, I got my surround sound system completed on Saturday. The final piece being the front and left speakers, which are a set of Polk R50s I bought from They aren't a perfect match to the Polk Monitor center and rear speakers, those being black and the R50s being cherry, but whatever. They sound great.

The first movie we watched was Ironman. Its pretty good. But. What I really have been dying to watch is the gun fight scene from Heat. You know what I am talking about. It was AWESOME. It felt like the battle was going on in my living room. Bullets flying everywhere. Be forewarned, if you come to my house, and I know you probably won't, I am going to make you watch that scene.

I don't have a subwoofer yet, but at this point I'm not entirely convinced that I need one.


Nathan Gagne said...

You always need a subwoofer. You will not be disappointed.

Nathan Gagne said...

Can't wait to hear it.

gagknee said...

ha. ok. you convinced me.

soccerkcs said...

Transformers is another great movie to watch/listen. Ditto on the subwoofer!