Sunday, February 14, 2010

How did you spend your fake holiday?

I spent 5 hours being intimate with my sweetheart.

I think I wanna divorce.


HeatherLynn said...

I kinda dig your sweetheart!

and you must too, or she wouldn't of gotten 5 hours! ;)


Big A said...

did you get the exhaust leak fixed?

Rob said...

Do I see some broken bolts/studs? That sucks.

gagknee said...

not broke, but i purposely cut the nuts off. the last time i did this i ended up breaking all of the studs. i figured with this method i would have enough material to attach vise grips to. and better access to the threads in the head to squirt PB blaster in.

anyway, three of the studs came out easily. the fourth had to be drilled out.