Sunday, February 14, 2010


I forgot to post a picture of the kale chorizo* soup I made a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was the only one in my house who would eat it, but luckily it was awesome enough that I ate it morning, noon and night for three days.

*I couldn't find linguica anywhere


HeatherLynn said...

this looks pretty gross, i'm not going to lie...but if you say it was awesome, I'd of ate it to see if you were messin with me!

what's in that mess? lol


Big A said...

I would've eaten it too. What is wrong with the people in your house?

gagknee said...

gross?? ouch that hurts. hurts deep.

its chicken and beef stock, kale, chorizo sausage, kidney beans, red potatoes, stewed tomatoes, garlic, onions, thyme. i think thats about it.

Nathan Gagne said...

I think it may be the antidote to pumpkin seeds.

gagknee said...

ha. very funny.