Monday, April 16, 2007

Hooray, for Virginia!

We got our Virginia state income tax refund today. They told us that we made a mistake and our refund increased. Wow. Hooray for Virginia. Although, when we lived in NH we didn't have to pay income tax.

But in Virginia the meals tax is 6% less! Hooray for Virginia. Oh, but New Hampshire has no sales tax. Hmmm. Our gas costs 6 cents less per gallon! And we didn't buy any heating oil this winter.

Ugh. But electric rates. Thats gotta hurt. Nah. Sixty percent cheaper.

Did I mention property taxes? Its probably better if I didn't.


L-DUB said...

You must stick out like sore thumb downthere, having all you teeth and all.

Was that wrong of me??? Sorry. I'm sure you'll fit in just fine. :)

Rob said...

I think he still has his NH plates on his truck.

gagknee said...

hahaha. i do.

they don't expire until june, so why bother until then.