Monday, April 02, 2007

One Score and Four


Love that Ricky Shroeder.

Why do all these evil people think they are just doing whats best for America?

You'd think they all went to Lyndon B. Johnson University and majored in Political Science with a minor in Diabolical Studies.

I don't like Lyndon B. Johnson in case you didn't know, and if you are my friend and have engaged in any type of political discussion with me, you've probably heard me say that "Lyndon Johnson was the most evil President this country has ever had." Variations include: "LBJ killed JFK", "LBJ killed RFK", "Lyndy covered up for Teddy". I could go on and on.

Oh wait, this was about 24. WTH with Wayne. "Ohhh, I don't want people to think I am weak and question my manhood." Whatever... You already proved you have titanium testicles when you willed yourself out of a coma and received not one but two shots of liquid cocaine.

Hey what happened on Prison Break this season? I only watched one or two episodes this season. In my opinion in not only jumped the shark, but killed it with its bare hands, fileted, barbecued and served it over brown rice with a garden salad, but the final 30 seconds of tonights episode looked pretty interesting. Especially, the guy who looked like Bellick having a seizure on the floor. I guess I will rent the DVD.


mike gagne said...
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mike gagne said...

yeah, prison break redeemed itself with the last few episodes.

however, i fell asleep during an episode of 24. i think, 5 episodes ago. and havent had the desire to get caught up because it was so effing boring up to that point.

and thats coming from a guy who watched the first 4 seasons in 3 weeks.

Big A said...

The last half of this season on prison break was great.

I was going to comment on 24, but It got to be so long, I decided to make my own post about it.

gagknee said...

i missed tha couple of episodes of prison break and just decided to watch the whole later on DVD.