Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shed 6: The Next Day

Finished the framing Saturday morning. Piece o'cake 'twas.


Next up is the siding. I opted to go with plywood exterior siding to save money. The good thing about it is in the future I can put clapboards over it if I want.

I have a 4000 cnt box of 3 inch nails, with roughly about half left. I could have used them for the siding, but a) 3 inch nails is a little overkill and b) I don't want to run out since I still have the roof to frame. What I really needed were some 2 or 2 1/4 inch nails, but unfortunately neither Lowe's nor Home Depot sell that size in less than a 5000 cnt box. I'm not spending 90 bucks on that. Too bad I didn't have the foresight to purchase nails online, ya know, the interweb? As my boss would say, "It's gonna be HUGE." Well, I ordered a 500 cnt box today from Amazon for 11 bucks.

One of the reasons I didn't buy the nails before isn't really because of my lack of foresight. I had three boxes of these:


8 penny nails from a project my Dad did around the time that the first Clinton was campaigning for office (if this Clinton gets into office, let's hope she can keep her pants on. ew.) which I inherited.

The first piece took me almost 45 minutes to get in. All that hammering. Ugh. What a drag. And the noise. I was essentially banging on a huge wooden drum. After the first piece, I just nailed the other sheets around the edges. The rest I will take care of when my shipment of 500 2 3/8" nails come in.

After Saturday, I had two walls "done".



Here's me and my chlorophyll stained sneakers (I still have to mow the pasture) for all my fans.


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