Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shed: Part Three

New tool for the job: Ear plugs. Why I've never used them before, I do not know. From the whine of the saw, to the BAM of the nail gun, these little bits of foam are amazing.

My pile of wood on my craptacular patio (that's next years project).


The floor was finished by noon. My crappy circular saw crapped out when I was attempting to trim the plywood, so I dug around in the attic for 30 minutes until a found my sabre saw, which worked great for the job. Better than I thought it would.


The back wall. I had to hoist it up there myself, because I was home alone at the time. It wasn't too bad to lift, but getting it level was tricky.


The side wall came next. I should have done the front wall but I decided to change my plans, and hadn't redrawn them yet. Oh well.


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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, old-timey sheds... like grandpa used to make whiskey in.

gagknee said...