Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shed: Revenge of the Seed of the Bride of the Shed

Yes. I realize I took these pictures in the dark. Tonight. Thanks for letting me know. Most of the remaining two walls were "completed" Sunday afternoon.


I did everything but that little section above the Four Wheeler Door® Sunday afternoon, but Monday I just wanted to hang out so we went to a park, so that's the only part I did.


Next up I start framing the roof, after I tack on that little piece of siding right there on the corner.

There's geometry involved in roof framing, so I'm a little nervous. In high school the only F I ever got was in Geometry. The only D- I got was in Geometry too. Oh wait, no, I got an F in French II also. Bah, I was a senior at that point. My fate was already sealed. The ironic thing was I actually liked Geometry better than Algebra (I was no mathematician in that regard either) because I can visualize shapes and what not, but I just couldn't keep up with the homework assignments. Oh sure, I was a wee bit lazy, but I did ask for help, and I would start the assignments at home, hit a tough question, quit, and then be behind the next day. Why am i talking about this? Good night.


skape7 said...

Hey, it's looking good! We don't really have wooden sheds here, most of ours are made outta metal.

Rob said...

You could ask one of those guys in the orange vests for tips on roof geometrics.

Heidi said...

lemme just say, that your blog is the most interesting one i read.

Anonymous said...

you can buy bracket kits for framing roofs. You just hammer the 2x4's to them. Easy stuff.

I got a B+ in Geometry.


Rob said...

Those pictures remind me of the Blair Witch Project.

gagknee said...

thanks, heidi

(i should check my comments more often)

nate, a B+!!?? who did you have lampros or naehring?