Friday, February 20, 2009

Poke Me with a Stick

205361911 So, I searched for speakers this morning. Polk speakers. A framed portrait of President James Polk was in the search results.


As odd as a framed portrait of a B list President is, I dunno maybe he has a huge cult following, but for $75!? That's all kinds of nuts.


soccerkcs said...

Have you been by Circuit City? They finally have some good deals out here (not sure about speakers though).

pilgrimchick said...

I'd probably put him on the C or D list for Presidents.

gagknee said...

i haven't been in a while. i was discouraged because at first they marked everything up to MSRP and then announced 10% savings! right. their prices were cheaper at christmas. i will make my way over there soon.

C sounds about right. he was one of those Hopey Changey kind of presidents who didn't instill much hope and didn't change much beyond the party in power.

gagknee said...

hey, remember when i bought those polk speakers for my buick at state street discount? i loved those speakers so much, i've been a fan of Polks for life.

soccerkcs said...

I do remember those speakers, they sounded great. When I was in Florida, I had a 10 in. Polk subwoofer--good times with that.

Now I have a Denon system with Boston Accoustics speakers/subwoofer. SOunds good, but there's something about Polk.