Thursday, February 05, 2009


Thumbnail via WebSnapr: think I am going to make a suggestion at our next developer meeting, oh wait, my bad, we don't have those, that we start developing in the SiMPLE programming language. Maybe I won't have to answer so many questions.

Thing 1: Andy is this correct in SQL?
Thing 1: IF @RoleID <> 1 OR @RoleID <> 4
Thing 1: can i check like this
Me: did you try it?
Thing 1: i gave in SP i dont know
Thing 1: im trying now
Thing 1: i think its failing
Thing 1: Declare @RoleID Int
set @RoleID = 1
IF @RoleID <> 1 OR @RoleID <> 4
Print 's'
Print 'n'
Thing 1: its printing s
Me: well, your logic is wrong
Thing 1: where
Me: @RoleID doesn't = 4 thats why its printing
Thing 1: oh,should it be AND
Me: riiight
Thing 1: ok,Thank you Andy
Thing 1: but if i give AND @RoleID  should be 1 and 4 at the same time

At the very least I think I am going to pick up a copy of Saved by Simple Logic by Mohammad Huwaidi to give to Thing 1.


L-DUB said...

Wow, that is just pitiful!

gagknee said...

indeed it is.