Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fabulous Movie Review©

The list of movies that Nicolas Cage has made that are awful far outnumbers his good movies. Snake Eyes? Ghost Rider? Face Off? Con Air? But what of it really? What is an actor's legacy? They make no contribution to society. He's making money. What else matters to the vacuous narcissists in Hollywoodland? Why am I asking so many questions?

3 out of 10 (I just got dumber)


HeatherLynn said...

yeah, i also did not like this movie...but seriously, no con air? dude, i liked that movie! lol

so i like smut, sue me! ;)


Big A said...

Have you ever looked at the list of movies he has been in? It is a VERY long list. My least favorite is "Lord of War".

gagknee said...

i can't remember con air actually... i know i've seen it. maybe i should have left it out :)

see, now, i figured Lord of War would be crap, so I haven't seen it or want to see it. thanks for confirming it.

pilgrimchick said...

I don't know about Nicholas Cage. I saw him most recently in "Knowing," and he was his usual self even in that medium.

EssBee said...

Con Air always makes me cry. I think it is a chick flick wrapped in an action movie.

Big A said...

how is it that you have never seen any part of con air? It's on TBS and/or TNT as often as Road House or Wedding Singer (a lot).

Con Air might be a decent movie, but I can't get past Cage's fake southern/hillbilly accent. It is easily one of the worst ones ever.