Tuesday, December 01, 2009

First Frost

I think today we had our first frost. The first that I've seen anyway. I guess that means the remainder of my flowers are going to die.

Finished putting my truck back together. Only one leak in the new brake lines that I put in. Thats not bad. Three functioning brakes is more than I have had in some of my other cars/trucks.

I started taking the front bumper off in order to repaint it, but after the 12th bolt I gave up.

I offer this picture only as proof that the project is complete as some have speculated that I am a fraud, and only pretend to fix things.

As my neighbor the inbregnorant®* would say, "Ain't she purdy?"

I also put up the last of the shutters. I still have some minor trim painting to do, the eaves above the living room windows and the front door, which I have tentatively decided to strip, stain and polyurethane, and I haven't done the back either. All of which may have to wait until spring. This picture is a little dull because I waited until 3 in the afternoon to take it. You know, at dusk. Need a new storm door, and what to do about the black lights and railings? Didn't think of that when I painted my house blue.

Here's a before picture for those of you with an extreme makeover addiction. It's actually kinda old as you can see by the for sale sign in the yard. I know that I have more recent pictures of it, but of course I couldn't find any.

I spent most of friday in my crawlspace. I'm finishing it off and making a true man cave. It's cozy in there. And quiet.

*Inbred + ignorant = inbregnorant.


Pete said...

i love the word. you need to introduce a dictionary.

gagknee said...

good idea.

Nathan Gagne said...

how are the real estate values holding up over there?

gagknee said...

not bad. i would roughly estimate about a 7% drop in prices from when we bought 2 years ago. of course, there are a bunch of foreclosures that are really low priced. sometimes i wish i had waited, but then those foreclosures always need a ton of work.

gagknee said...

this house is in the subdivision right behind us. they won't get that price for it, but 2 years ago that would have gotten $195K easily.

foreclosure right down the street.