Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've been pretty inconsistent with my movie ratings, not so much with the good movies, but with the less than good movies. Deciding what to rate movies that aren't so good can sometimes end up being pretty random. I look at my 10 scale in that regards almost like the 100 scale in school. Less than 60, what's the point? It's all bad. You still failed. Anyway, what I am trying to do is qualify the badness. Separate the very bad from the extremely bad.

So, here's my scale. I will stick to it as best as I can forever and ever and ever and ever.

10 - Perfection

9.5 - Nearly perfect

9 - Wicked awesome

8.5 - Very, very, very good

8 - Very, very good

7.5 - Very good

7 - Good

6.5 - Pretty good

6 - Ok

5.5 - Not bad

5 - Could be worse

4.5 - Pretty stupid

4 - Bad

3.5 - Very, very bad

3 - I just got dumber

2.5 - Ludicrous

2 - Mind-numbingly awful

1.5 - All those responsible should be hanged

1 - Suckiest movie that ever sucked


cthaviland said...

where do you get all the time to watch these movies, do you have all nighters on the weekend?

gagknee said...

i don't sleep much. and i was very behind in doing reviews. i saw kung fu panda in november for example.