Sunday, June 01, 2008

Victor Victoria

Took a little trip to Victoria, VA on Saturday about 60ish miles southwest of us.


I've decided that I am going to retire there. And buy this house.


It was originally built around the railroad, but all that really remains is this restored caboose.


On the way to Victoria we passed through Crewe, another railroad town. They still have a really large rail yard, of which I didn't take a picture unfortunately. I did however capture a few shots of the Crewe Railroad Museum. They weren't open, so this is all I got.




Also in Crewe, but more on the outskirts between Crewe and Victoria I snapped a shot of this dilapidated farmhouse. I would have taken some more shots of it, but I was wearing shorts and a little afeared of snakes. Just looking at it I can't imagine why its sinking just to the left of the entrance. Oh wait, yeah, the cobbled together 50 year old roofing patch job.

The architecture of the whole place was amazing. It's a shame that it's left to rot. I'm going back when it's not hot out and/or I have long pants on.


Oh, right, why did I travel to Victoria in the first place? To get me some winders for m'shed. Twunny bucks for the pair, plus the twunny on gas. Not bad.


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