Saturday, June 07, 2008

Central Air Would be Nice

Last summer our AC unit broke about 2 weeks after we bought the house. I had it fixed and then a week later it broke again. It would have cost a grand to fix, which would have been a stupid amount of money to sink into a 30 year old unit, so I bought this little 10,000 BTU baby right here to cool the upstairs of the house. At least we would be able to sleep well.

That didn't work out so well. The upstairs never got really cool and the living room, with the sun beating down on it all day, was like a brick oven. So when I saw this heat wave in the forecast. Actually, when the first day of this heat wave hit on Wednesday, I said screw it, and bought three small air conditioners for the upstairs. The big one is now in the kitchen. And it is cooling the downstairs of the house like a champ.

I should have had the central air replaced this year, but I had other goals, like some landscaping, ceiling fan, shed etc. that I wanted to accomplish, and the 6 grand price tag scared me off.

Last summer wasn't too bad and I figured we could make it again with the one window unit. Basically, I played chicken with Mother Nature and lost.

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