Sunday, June 01, 2008

Shed: Shed's Revenge

"Framed" the roof this weekend. I say "framed" because it didn't come out as well as I expected, and certainly not as well as a professional.

Saturday I got the supports up the for the ridge beam and I cut out all the rafters.


About 3/4's done with the rafters. Its tough work with the heat and humidity, plus the nail gun. The weight. It was pretty hard to hold up in the air over my head after a while.


This would be a great picture that why my wife took except for me in my Cabletron tshirt with the sleeves that I ripped off my one day while playing softball in the dead of August. Not to mention the stupid look on my face.


No fear that kid, no fear.




Anonymous said...

Aaron looks sooooooo grown up!! I can't wait to see him and the others. 5 months without seeing you all is toooooooo long!

Rob said...

You need Russ the roofer.

gagknee said...

ha. yeah. that would have helped.