Monday, June 30, 2008

Shed Wish III

My white whale.

This is pretty much all I got done this weekend choosing instead to hang out with the old lady* and the chilluns.



The Satan is in the particulars they say, and they are right. I slapped up two walls in a day, but all this nitty bitty detail stuff is a pain and takes time.

I know nothing about putting a roof together. This has been made very clear to me. A lot of mistakes I have made. And that's just the mistakes I know about. Imagine an experienced roof guy coming along, "Yuh shoulda not done it thataway..."

I've learned some valuable lessons in this project. How I apply those lessons has not yet been determined.

*Although I shouldn't have to add a disclaimer to this post, you never know who is reading, and I want to say, I have never called my wife "my old lady." Not because I am all high and mighty, but because I think it sounds stupid. I worked summer jobs where these grizzly old "beer for breakfast" types (gene, you out there? shout out to you bud for coining that phrase!) would refer to their common law wives as their "old ladies".

I lost my train of thought.

Oh yeah, I was using "my old lady" for some sort of comedic effect (making fun of roofers). No offense toward females intended.

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