Monday, August 04, 2008

Fabulous Movie Review®

Remember how I mentioned the other day that I don't see as many bad movies nowadays because I don't have the pressure of staring at a wall of movies at the movie store because of NetFlix?

Then this baby comes in the mail.

I can always depend on my wife to add something to the queue which I've never heard of, starring actors I can't stand.

Don't get me wrong. I love to be pleasantly surprised. She's come up with a couple of good movies that I otherwise would never have seen (of course, there is also big wet farts like Heavy), but for the most part I welcome the diversion.

So, on to my eloquent review. Not quite a wet fart, this movie left a stink in the room regardless.

Samuel L. Jackson is in it which is good. Hayden Christenson is in it too which is bad. Rachel Bilson is in it too. I don't know who she is but I could hear her face creak when she smiled like my leather couch does when I sit in it. And she's only 14 or something.

Perhaps I am too harsh. This movie isn't that bad. It's just not good. The Hayden Christenson character should have died about 58 times by my count. Even for a movie in which you fully expect to quiet your inner "that can't happen" voice, it was just a little too much silliness for my liking.

Gagknee's Grade: D+

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