Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Libby Grace Jefferson

Took a walk on my lunch break, as I am often prone to do, the other day and stopped at three locations on Church Hill, Jefferson Park, East Grace Street and Libby Hill Park. The views of the city from these points is pretty cool. Unfortunately, my camera and the hazy part of hazy, hot and humid didn't help either.

First up, Jefferson Park.

There she is. The tallest and ugliest building in Richmond. Heck, Virginia too. Maybe even the entire eastern seaboard. Something straight out of Leningrad. A couple of weeks ago, I visited the Never Built Virginia exhibit at the Library of Virginia, and while I have no photographic proof of it, the original plan for this, the ugliest building in America, was for TWIN TOWERS connected on several floors by bridges. Amazing, that somebody could design one of these monstrosities and then say to themselves, "my design is so awesome, it needs to be doubled in size."

Another shot, showing the VCU Medical school buildings. Nothing spectacular.

A view of Grace Street. That's where I will take the next pictures from. I'm not sure what that white tower is. Some sort of satellite/antenna/radio deal.

See, theres Jefferson Park. I'm a Jumper.

Ahhhhhh. Make it go away! It actually might be kind of funny to take a picture of that building every where I go. Its like a painting where the eyes follow you around a room. No matter where you are in the city, this colossal concrete tower of fug is always looming over your shoulder.

Libby Hill Park

Tobacco is king. Or used to be anyway.

Confederate Soldiers & Sailors Monument. My first thought was, "they had sailors?"

The view that named the city.

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