Thursday, November 06, 2008

All Kinds of Awesome

My first post with Windows Live Writer. I was intrigued by the idea of being able to write plug-ins for it.

That's not what is all kinds of awesome though.

While riding my bike through Hollywood Cemetery, a hawk swooped out of the sky and snagged a fat squirrel off the ground and flew off with the squirrel shrieking like a stuck pig.

That is all kinds of awesome.

I don't know what a stuck pig is, but I imagine it sounds really loud, high-pitched and frantic.


wit said...

i've always wanted to see something like that.

gagknee said...

its actually the second time i've seen something like that. the first time, in rochester about 10 years ago i was driving under an overpass and a hawk swooped down and snagged a pigeon in mid air. he was so close he almost hit my windshield. didn't lose the pigeon though.

Nate said...

I've seen a bald eagle catch a fish, and I've seen a hawk swoop down and take a hen. All the other hens knew what happened and went insane.

gagknee said...

ha. that sounds like a scene out of a cartoon.