Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rhetorical Comment

How do you respond when a really large (really large) man says to you, "yeah, but I could stand to lose a few pounds?"

Awkward, indeed.

Do you agree? If you agree, do you agree wholeheartedly, or with a casual shrug of the shoulders?

Do you scoff and dismiss his concern as if he can't be serious, when he and you both know its true?

Do you pretend you didn't hear him?

Do you say, we could all stand to lose a few, when you yourself should actually gain a few?

Do you quickly change the subject?

Or, do you give him a blank stare?

I choose blank stare. Its worked well for me in the past.


nate said...

My approach varies. When John Sutton says to me, "Hey Skinny." I respond, "Hey Fatty."

He doesn't say that to me anymore.

gagknee said...


Big A said...

You have to agree with him, but in a way that either makes him laugh, makes him think about something else. For example:

"yeah, but it's a lot easier to just buy bigger pants."


"yeah, but you can start your diet tomorrow - have another donut"

gagknee said...

haha, good advice.