Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A series of photos that will bore and disinterest you!

Making a frame for the door in the lattice. Incredible!

Attaching lattice to the frame. Astounding!

Sandwiching the lattice with another frame. Marvelous!

Mounting to the exterior. Unbelievable!

Driving in stakes for extra strength. Brilliant!

Door completed. Stupendous!

A view from farther back. Awesome!

Inside looking out. Fabulous!

The unfinished soffit. Phenomenal!

The finished soffit. Outstanding!

This post is done. Incredible!


Big A said...

why would you crawl under the shed and risk disturbing the black widows just to take a picture?

the Lattice makes your shed look unnaturally tall and skinny.

gagknee said...

uh, good point.

it is pretty tall from that side. the trim should help break it up a bit.

Big A said...

I think the tiny window is contributing as well.. If you paint the lattice and trim a different color from the rest of the shed, it will probably take care of it.

cthaviland said...

I love the 3 ft paint job.....you need taller workers:)

gagknee said...

yeah, i haven't trimmed that window. plus there will be trim on the corners and a fascia(?) to cover where the siding and lattice meet.

i should rent some scaffolding :)