Friday, November 07, 2008

Kabab blog

Had dinner at the Kabab Grille, a Pakistani restaurant tucked away in a strip mall between a bank and a T-Mobile near my house.

Sitting there by myself (wife and kids were elsewhere) listening to Pakistani pop music (surprisingly catchy) waiting for my food, the delicious smell in the air was making my stomach jump up and down like a Jack Russell terrier when his master comes home.

I was torn between choosing the lamb curry or the lamb kabab, but eventually decided on the kabab because its part of the name of the restaurant so I figured it must be their specialty.

I make superlative claims like this a lot, but this was the best meal I've ever had.

I will not rest, my life's work will not be complete, until I have tried everything on their menu. Even the vegetarian stuff. From Palak Paneer to Brain Masala Karahi.


cthaviland said...

I love trying new much fun!

Big A said...

Have you ever seen a pakistani or indian restaurant that was NOT in a strip mall?

gagknee said... is. one of my favorite things to do.

theres that one in dover.

Big A said...

really? where

gagknee said...