Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Funny Interesting not Funny HaHa

Its funny how when you hear a word for the first time or see some actor on the TV that you've never seen before, suddenly you hear or see that word or person everywhere.

I had never seen a black widow until last week, but a couple days ago I found two more in the shed while cleaning up a pile of scrap wood in the corner.

The first one was on a piece of wood that I had picked up, with bare hands of course, and flipped over. I put gloves on after that, which was a wise move since I found another one shortly thereafter.

All three of these spiders had a dead spider carcass in its web, which I am assuming is the male who unwittingly sacrificed his life to the female.

Note to self: Be careful where you stick your hands.

Words to live by.

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