Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cool Things I Saw Today

A deadly spider*.

A very rare Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser**. I took a crappy picture, I know.

At first glance I thought this was a pile of scrap that a hobo had left behind until he could fetch his shopping cart, but then I realized, no, its a Puch Magnum***.

*not really, well, maybe if you are a fly.

**these things are rare. I've only seen a few live in person in my lifetime. Most are rusted out beyond belief. Those old Toyotas... One of my everlasting childhood memories is a guy we knew when I was around 7 or 8. He had one. It was wicked rusty (1982ish, the thing was only a few years old at that point) but it was cool. He had a beard and a cute wife. It may have been my first man crush. I think it was my first man crush. He had it all. Truck, beard, woman.

***Its a pile of scrap that some mechanically uninclined greeny hipster chained to a post until he can come back with his mom who has a car to pick it up because he fouled the spark plug and put it on craigslist.


Heidi said...

i want a landcruiser.
every once in awhile i see a good one around here. there is a place i drive around by frequently that has a bunch of them parked off the edge of their parking lot in the woods.
here's a cool thing i saw a couple of weeks ago...before i read about it.

gagknee said...

maybe you should make them an offer on the landcruisers.

that IS cool. i've always wondered how people find the parts for projects like that. is it part of the fun?