Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Useless Comments

Not one, but two useless comments. For one line of code. For one line of code that is self-evident to, I assume, anyone alive.

'return to overview page
'redirect user to the overview page
Response.Redirect("overview.aspx", False)


Pete said...

that's pretty redundant right there

gagknee said...

i deleted the comments. the comments were deleted by me.

L-DUB said...

//No Comment

gagknee said...


Big A said...

"I deleted the comments. the comments were deleted by me"

Now, if you actually put that as a comment in their code, THAT would be funny.

L-DUB said...

For the Java geeks out there...
How about this one.

// No Comment X2

gagknee said...

haha. maybe i will go back and do that.

gagknee said...

i was trying to think of a funny response to that larry. i haven't been able to. you win.

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gagknee said...

Hello !.

I perhaps am not!

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