Saturday, September 19, 2009


Put a new starter in Z wife's van today. It was surprisingly easy to do. Twenty minutes of actual work. It's setting me up. The next repair is going to suuuuuck I bet.

This isn't the whole story of course. All of this was preceded by the thing a husband dreads the most: the frantic phone call from Z wife. Yeah, starters never go bad in the driveway. Luckily she wasn't too far away and the tow only set me back $60. The starter, however, was $150. Ouch. No top shelf vodka for Z wife this week.


Rob said...

If you did anything wrong the next repair will be a new flywheel.

That would suck out loud.

Big A said...

ah, you can drive for a long time with a chipped flywheel.

with cars the age of yours, you should sign your wife up for AAA. the $50 membership fee would have paid for itself with the first use.

gagknee said...

that would suck and blow.

we used to have it. you're right, time to get it again.

gagknee said...

funny thing i forgot to mention. the bolts were knurled which provided enough friction to hold the bolt in the hole on the starter so the bolt didn't fall to the ground. that is great engineering once again, Chevy, I thought. However, the holes on the replacement starter were too big to benefit from the knurling. I discovered this a split second after a 4 inch bolt hit me in the forehead.