Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dominion of Kings or Dominion of the King?

Z wife and I went to Kings Dominion Sunday sans kids. To me that means one thing: roller coasters. It was a great day. Not too hot. Not too crowded. I've never been there before, so here are my impressions of the rides (mostly coasters).

  • Dominator - the best coaster there. Floorless. We went twice and the second time was in the dark and we spent the extra 20 minutes or so in line required to secure a front seat. Worth it. Nice big initial drop and smooooth. Long too. I didn't feel like it was over too quick.

  • Drop Tower - "The largest drop ride in North America, a 305-foot tower of thrills that promises daring riders a 272-foot descent at 72 miles-per-hour! This adrenaline-pumping adventure simulates the sensation of skydiving." I've never seen Z wife so scared at anything non-snake related. It was wicked awesome.

  • Volcano: The Blast Coaster - a launch coaster, you go from 0 to 70 in a couple seconds, which I wasn't expecting, and it is a pretty cool ride, very fast, but its over pretty quick and, at least while we were there, it was a hellacious line.

  • The Hurler - my favorite of the three wooden coasters. The only one that didn't knock the wind out of me and it was pretty fast comparatively, but that might have just been my perception because we sat in the front seat.

  • Ricochet - a "wild mouse" coaster, think the old Galaxi at Canobie Lake, but smoother, faster, and just better.

  • Rebel Yell - would have been much cooler if the still ran the cars backwards...

  • Grizzly - the other wooden coaster. I need to try it again. I got the wind knocked out of me about halfway through which ruined the rest of the ride.

  • Shockwave - cool because its the first stand up coaster I have ever been on.

  • Back Lot Stunt Coaster - 0 to 40 in about 3 seconds. Pretty neat, but if the line is long...

  • Anaconda - nice and smooth like a good steel coaster should be. Plenty of upside down moments, but I was a bit bored with it. The drop is 144 foot, but its not steep and the top speed is only 50.

  • Avalanche - simulates bobsleds. Different and fun.


Pete said...

oh man. every time i go to canobie i think to myself, "didn't there used to be an old steel roller coaster right about here? it was so awesome"
and then i remember that they tore it down.

Nathan said...

I rode the Rebel Yell backwards in 1996. Underwhelming.

Big A said...

I rode a wild mouse coaster at Funtown/Splashtown USA last week. I hated it.

Rob said...

Did you avoid Flight of Fear? I hate that one.

gagknee said...

pete. i miss that one too. i liked the ratcheting noises it used to make.

96? on your way home from atlanta? it was pretty underwhelming going forward too. i've ridden the ripstick down bigger hills.

how come big A?

rob, i didn't even know what flight of fear was until i got home that night. then i looked on the website and saw that it was an indoor coaster, where it thought it was one of those motion theaters. i would have tried it.

Rob said...

Flight of Fear was very violent... and since your in the dark it make it hard to brace yourself... it gave me a headache. Though I think they have since made improvements to it.

Big A said...

I hated the wild mouse because it wasn't exciting, wasn't scary - just really jerky and obnoxious. I'm old now, and I like my roller coasters to be smooth.