Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Make it Stop

Kitchen sink is plugged up again. It's really plugged up this time too. The water isn't even slowly going down. I replaced a big section of the drain pipe a couple of weeks ago (I had a picture in my blog of my crawlspace) and in the pipe I found grout, which I assume the minimum wage inbregnorants who tiled my house before I bought it dumped down the drain. There must be more down there, but the rest of the piping is inaccessible (under the house), meaning I can't replace it. Crap.

I might rent one of those heavy duty drain augers or buy one that I could power with the drill. Those are only 25 bucks. The hand operated one isn’t cutting it. Guess where I am spending Christmas Eve Day.

I read in a bunch of places on the interweb, google "grout in drain" you'll be surprised how many people think its okay to dump cement down a drain, that muriatic acid might help break up the grout. At least I have a few options before having to call in a professional.


Rob said...

Ugh. That sucks.

gagknee said...

you can come over and hang out in my man cave with me!

gagknee said...

drill powered pipe snake at harbor freight: $12. gotta love it.

Rob said...

I meant to offer you mine to borrow... but for only $12 you should have your own.