Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pleasant Day for a Not So Pleasant Task

Yes, I am procrastinating.

I bought a pair of vinyl coated gloves this morning at Pleasant's Hardware for $2.49. I figured they would keep my hands dry at least.

Why did I go to a hardware store? I'm glad that I asked. It's Christmas Eve and the roads are clogged with last minute shoppers who have, well, waited until the last minute and Pleasant's Hardware is located in kind of an out of the way location so I knew I wouldn't get stuck waiting at stop lights.

Additionally, old timey hardware stores are cool and while I wouldn't shop there for a 1/2 inch DeWalt Hammer drill, they are perfect for little things. Hardware stores, the good ones, despite being miniscule in size compared to a Lowpot's, have an uncanny ability to stock things you would never find anywhere else. Like muriatic acid for $2. I doubt that Lowpot's would have that. THINK OF THE LIABILITY, MAN!


Rob said...

Even if they have it, it would take you a week to find it.

Rob said...

Any luck today?