Friday, December 11, 2009

She's from Heaven, My 307, My 307, My 3...0...7

I am trying to determine what vehicles Buick made in the 70s that might have had 455s in them and then set up RSS feeds for each from craigslist.

I found an 86 Regal yesterday with a 307 V8. A 307?!, you say. Yes, that’s what I said too. I think it was an Oldsmobile motor that they used to appease the senior crowd who didn’t like V6s.

Anyway, I’ve always thought that if I had a Regal it would be really cool to put a Buick 350 into it, instead of your garden variety Chevy. So, as I often do, I started perusing the internet reading about Buick 350s, hopping them up and such, and one guy on a forum made a statement that really stood out.

If you are going to go through the trouble of rebuilding and swapping in a Buick motor, you might as well get a 455. In completely stock form it will run circles around a modified 350.

So, I don't even have a Regal yet, and I'm not saying that it's even the kind of project I have settled on, but I am curious to see if there is a 1976 Estate Wagon rusting away out there somewhere.


HeatherLynn said...

sure wish i had something clever or noteworthy to say to this post, but dangit, i'm a girl, I got nuthin! ;)

but if this makes you happy, then I'm happy for you and your 307! whatever that is! *laughs*

Give me a 3!

Give me a 0

GIve me a 7!!!

what have ya got....A 307!!!!!!!

*does herkie and leaves your blog before people start booing and throwing tomatoes*


Rob said...

I think you should wire in a nice LS1... go modern.

gagknee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gagknee said...

"A" for effort, HL

I was looking at some youtube videos of LT1 equipped Regals last week. That was pretty sweet.

Probably easier to find the engine from a wrecked 94 Camaro too

gagknee said...

reading about the LS1...looks like they started making them in 97. hello, craigslist. nice to meet you.

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