Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Deep

Me stuck.

I didn't have a rope or tow strap long enough to pull it out with my truck, so I strung a couple of tie downs together and inched my truck out of the driveway and into the yard a bit. Then my truck got stuck because under the snow is a yard that has been saturated after a month of rain. I got the truck out, and discovered that the snow was dense enough that with my son pushing and me pulling the ATV would almost float on top of the snow. We got it up into the driveway and I got a running start, all downhill, and put it back in the shed. What good is snow if you can't ride in it? No good, thats what.


Anonymous said...

House looks good !

gagknee said...

thanks, anonymous

Rob said...

Me ride... me ride in street... ride, ride, ride. Me cold. Me no ride no more.

gagknee said...

i might try again today

Rob said...

Today my machine would mostly stay on top of the crust... it was pretty fun riding.

HeatherLynn said...

just wanted to say, your house is super cute! Love it!

So you got dumped on too huh? my friend down in west virginia said they got 2 feet!

We got just a few inches...just enough to play in and wear snow boots.

stay warm and be careful on the roads m'dear!


gagknee said...

rob, i think you guys got less snow than us. honestly.

thanks, hl. too bad i am bookended by a couple of dumps. houses across the street are nice though.

we got about a foot, i'd say. they even plowed some of the roads which i was surprised about, not mine, though.