Friday, January 01, 2010

My New Years Eve

Started out at Buffalo Wild Wings with the wife where I had 6 Blazin' wings and some other stuff. They didn't make me cry like they did the last time I had them, so I was a bit disappointed. The wife had Caribbean Jerk and Spicy Garlic.

Then we got home, and the fun started, but a little back story first.

My cat, Papi, legendary killer of creatures great and small, had been acting weird the past few days. I chalked it up to a bad batch of cardinal or something, but yesterday morning I noticed he was licking his neck a lot so I picked him up to inspect it, thinking he had a tick or something. It turns out he had big gash in his neck. Coincided with the fact that the inbregnorants dog got loose a few times a couple of days previously, I had a good idea what caused the gash.

The wound was pink and didn't look infected, so I let my wife know about it and I went off to work. When I got home from work I couldn't find the cat anywhere and I was worried because I wanted to check out his wound.

Fast forward to when we got home from the restaurant, my stomach on fire mind you, and he was in the house so I checked his neck. Inflamed and stinky. Crap.

Rewind to the beginning of the day, when I called animal control about the dog, who told me to call back when I was home. Well, I was home now, and that stinking dog had been barking for hours on end non stop. So I called again.

It's not a friendly dog when its loose, and this was about more than the cat and the barking. I can't let my kids play out in the yard, not fenced by the way, but will be come spring, when there is the possibility a 75 pound half starved dog is going chase them down.

So, the police officer comes into my house, I ask him my options. He tells me about filing various things in court. I say ok, thanks, and he leaves. I didn't know he was going to talk to the neighbors.

Next thing I know my oldest comes into the living room telling me he hears a woman yelling out in the yard.

Yes. There was lots of yelling*. And now I have enemies. I personally don't care although I worry that my kids will get harassed (they actually accused my kids of leaving trash in their yard during some of that yelling (I can only imagine what that cop was thinking)), but I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

They brought the dog into the house, and I haven't heard it bark in 11 hours. It's beautiful.

So, back to the cat, after the officer left and the inbregnorants returned to their den, we took the cat to the pet emergency clinic (yeah, I didn't know they had those) and a few hours later he was partially shaved, stitched up and sporting a new drain in his neck which we have to keep clean for a few days until it gets taken out.

Now he is stuck inside for two weeks. You ever see those lions at the zoo that just pace back and forth in their cages looking like they want to kill you? Yeah. Its like that.

*There's a lot of good material in there, but you'll have to hear it personally. I don't feel like typing it all now

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