Monday, November 19, 2007

Fabulous Movie Review®

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
I hate it when Hollywood Better Than Yous attempt to preach in their movies. Adam Sandler is going to teach me how to accept people? Really?

Just make me laugh and spare me the Hollywood life lesson.

Anyway, I did laugh during this movie, but what got me the most was the large number of famous and semi-famous actors in it. Here's a list and the role that is most memorable to me:

Adam Sandler: Well, duh, Little Nicky. The greatest movie ever.

Kevin James: Fat guy on a TV show.

Jessica Biel: The only reason you ever watched 7th Heaven.

Dan Aykroyd: Yep.

Ving Rhames: Not entirely convincing as a gay guy in this film and his man-love for Adam Sandler in the extra features not very convincing either. I got the impression he was duped into this movie and was looking to kick some white ace.

Steve Buscemi: Weird creepy guy in this movie. Imagine that. While researching this post and thinking about Buscemi, off the top of my head I could remember four Adam Sandler movies he has been in, this one (duh), Wedding Singer, Big Daddy and Happy Gilmore.

Nicholas Turturro: Most famous in my mind for being a detective on NYPD Blue, one of my most favorite shows of all time.

Allen Covert: He's had a role in every Adam Sandler movie. Even Airheads, but curiously not Billy Madison.

Richard Chamberlain: 1960s heartthrob. Don't really know him, but I recognize the name.

Blake Clark: Every Adam Sandler movie. My favorite, the coach from Waterboy that you couldn't understand.

Lance Bass: NSYNC

Dave Matthews: Yes, that Dave Matthews

Gary Valentine: Dopey cousin on King of Queens

Jonathan Loughran: Another Sandler movie staple.

Peter Dante: Yet another guy on Sandler's permanent payroll.

Becky & Jessica O'Donohue: I couldn't remember where I had seen these twins before, but Google jogged my memory. They were on an episode of Fear Factor, and also American Idol. Jessica didn't make it to Hollywood but Becky was in the top 24. I remember when they were on American Idol I couldn't remember where I had seen them before. Thanks, Google.

Chandra West: I remember her from NYPD Blue.

Dennis Dugan: From Happy Gilmore, the president of the golf tour, or whatever the golf league is called.

Rob Schneider: Self-explanatory.

Thats it I'm done. Thanks for humoring me.

Gagknee's grade: C


skape7 said...

This movie apparently caused a bit of a stir in Australia when it was released because it was claimed that the story was ripped off from an Australian movie starring Paul Hogan (who you might know as Crocodile Dundee) called "Strange Bedfellows". Having seen neither movies myself I can't judge, but maybe you could check it out for your next review.

Anonymous said...

Steve Buscemi was in happy gilmore?

I dont think he was.

He remains probably my favorite SNL host ever.

Mike (can't remember my password)