Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fabulous Movie Reviews®

I've got a bunch so I am going to blow right through them.

The Benchwarmers
Mildly amusing tale of geeks versus jocks. I was impressed with Rob Schneider's ability to throw a ball and swing a bat like a real person and not like your typically Hollywood wuss, a Hollywuss. Jon Heder is funny too.

Gagknee's grade: C

Evan Almighty
Great movie to watch with the kids, the most offensive thing in it is bird poop. The ending involving the ark is pretty cool to watch also.

Gagknee's grade: C+

Knocked Up
Honestly, I don't know what the fuss is all about with this movie. Yeah, it's okay, but funniest movie ever? Hardly.

Gagknee's grade: B-

You've probably never heard of this movie. I hadn't until I accidentally clicked on a flash advertisement in some website I can't even remember. It looked interesting, so I added it to my Netflix queue. Definitely the most unique, good movie I have ever seen.

Gagknee's grade: B+


David said...

I think the fuss with Knocked Up is it seems like it's going to be a really stupid comedy, but turns out to have "heart" too.

gagknee said...

ahhh, "heart", which some might call "sappy".