Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fabulous Movie Reviews®

We haven't watched too many movies lately. Been tied up with Veronica Mars Season 3 and Lost Season 3. Have you seen Veronica Mars? You should. It's a Hoover dam good show, though it's been cancelled. Stupid CW Network.

This is an amazing movie. Nuff said.

Gagknee's grade: A

This is a library special. That means it was free. Very slow moving, but it picks up at the end. Let me ask you one question. If a gay man was stalking you what would you do?

Gagknee's grade: C-

Wow. Probably the greatest action movie of all time. All time. Combined with the previous two movies, it is cinema heaven. I'm sad the series has ended. When the Blu Ray/HD DVD format saga has ended Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and Bourne Ultimatum will be the first movies that I buy.

One thing I am grateful for is that in this movie Joan Allen wore a few turtlenecks. I've said before that her neck muscles are distracting and they still are. Lady...gain some WEIGHT! You tip the scales at 94 pounds. In what universe is that attractive?

Gagknee's grade: A+

Michael Cera played my favorite character, George Michael, on the greatest television show ever, Arrested Development. I will watch any movie he is in regardless of the reviews.

This movie is fuh uh uh uh ny. Crude, yes. But there's no nudity so it's safe to watch with your kids! Kidding. You will laugh out loud.

Gagknee's grade: A


EssBee said...

Competely agree with you on the Bourne series. We watched it on Christmas Day with two people who hadn't seen the others and they even loved it!

gagknee said...

WHO HASN'T SEEN IT???!! unbelievable.

Rob said...

Wow... you are really throwing around the A grades.

gagknee said...

i noticed that...i've been in a good mood lately i guess.