Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Layoffs at Work


People wonder why employees aren't loyal to their companies anymore, and they especially like to point the finger at IT people, jumping from job to job, going to the highest bidder, but heaven forbid sales number drop during the previous quarter and a handful of "non-essential" people are sent packing. Like we couldn't ride out a few months of slow sales and keep a few people employed.

Yeah. Nothing dulls the new job shine like some timely sackings.

Nobody is loyal anymore and it works both ways. If in a year or two I am bored, loyalty won't even be a second thought in my mind.

I had a job once where the boss had to layoff people in order to stay afloat, he used his own money to cover our paychecks a few times, and come to find out from a third party later on, he wasn't even paying himself for long periods of time. Somehow, I don't think the owner of my current company is sweating anything out.

I'm going to get fired. Better not visit at work and have it get stuck in the internet sniffer.

I still like my job. I just get uber annoyed at the business of being employed. But I don't advocate any other system. Owners of companies are free to do as they please, they just can't complain when their employees leave for greener pastures.



Beastie said...

What is even sadder is when the company you are at even though it met over 100% of its sales goals decides to layoff, just to cut some costs to be "lean and mean".

gagknee said...

yeah. i suspect thats the case here too.

skape7 said...

I could go on and on in agreeance with you here but let's just say that when the time comes for me to finally quit my job and concentrate solely on family for a while, I won't be second guessing my decision either.