Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back to the Pipeline

Decided to relive my drearm a couple of days ago and revisit the pipeline to see how the river has changed since March.

It's a lot different with foliage.


The water is a lot lower too.



Last time around I was stopped at this point by the water.


The pipeline takes a sharp left up ahead and goes out into the river a bit. If I wasn't wearing work clothes I could have waded out there. Instead I walked through the woods.

See how the water is calm in this picture? That's because the pipeline makes a little dam of sorts. There was a homeless guy swimming in the river just out of the picture. I was afraid I had spooked him because he started to come out of the river after I took the shot. I repeated a silent prayer over and over, "Please don't let him be naked. Please don't let him be naked."

There was actually a couple of homeless people encampments in those woods. I was a little spooked. Especially after a youngish looking dude with huge dark circles under his eyes popped out from behind a tree. My "how's it goin'" was met with a cold stare. Guess he don't speak Yankee.

Cool shot (to me) of the Manchester Bridge. The lighting is harsh. I'm no professional.

And last but not least, this bridge that was burned down after they fled the city during the Civil War.

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